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Northumberland (NBL)

Most of this county came under the Consistory of Durham. See Durham for further details.

Three parishes came under (A) the Peculiar Court of Hexham or Hexhamshire, which was a peculiar of the Archbishop of York. The parish of Thockrington or Tockerington formed (B) a Prebendal Court that came under the Dean and Chapter of York. These two courts had original probate jurisdiction over the following places in Northumberland.

Place Court
Allendale Peculiar Court of Hexham (A)
Allenheads see Allendale
Bingfield see St. John Lee
Carr Shield see Allendale
Cary Coats Prebendal Court of Thockrington (B)
Cocklaw see St. John Lee
Hallington see St. John Lee
Hexham Peculiar Court of Hexham (A)
Little Bavington Prebendal Court of Thockrington (B)
St. John Lee Peculiar Court of Hexham (A)
Sandoe see St. John Lee
Sweethope Prebendal Court of Thockrington (B)
Thockrington Prebendal Court of Thockrington (B)
Wall see St. John Lee
West Allen or Ninebanks see Allendale
Whitley Peculiar Court of Hexham (A)

Decision Table

For those who lived in (A) the Peculiar of Hexham or Hexhamshire, search:

  1. Peculiar Court of Hexham
  2. Prerogative Court of York (York for further details)
  3. Prerogative Court of Canterbury (London: PCC)
  4. Court of Delegates, 1636- (London: Delegates)

For those who lived in (B) the Prebendal of Thockrington, search:

  1. Prebendal Court of Thockrington
  2. Dean and Chapter of York (York for further details)
  3. Do 2-4 for (A) above.

For those who lived anywhere in the county between 1653-1660, search:

  1. Prerogative Court of Canterbury (London: PCC)

For those who lived anywhere in the county between 1812-1857, regardless of what is found in the probate records of any of the above courts, consider searching also the estate duty registers. (London: Estate Duty)

Indexes for the Peculiar Court of Hexham

(See first the online approach described under Durham.)

  • 1688-1799, Wills (FHL film 1564754, item 7)
    This is actually an index to probable wills for Hexham held at York. It comes in two parts and is the same index compiled by Kenneth Mitchell found on FHL fiche 6413923.
  • 1676-1707, Registered Wills (FHL 1068873, item 11)
    This same material was indexed by J.C. Hodgson (FHL film 574951)
  • 1593-1602, Act Books (FHL 942.74 B4a, volume 60, Appendix II, pages 184-188; also at BYU on film 402541)
    This is a printed index to the act books on FHL/BYU film 99955 listed below.

Microfilmed Records for the Peculiar Court of Hexham

Registered Wills and Inventories, 1676-1707, are on FHL/BYU film 252674, item 2, and also on FHL film 1068873, item 11. The act books, 1593-1602, are on FHL film 99955; also on FHL film 1999048, items 3-4. The act books reference probates (wills), administrations, and tuitions.

Microfilmed Probate Records for the Prebendal Court of Thockrington

(See first the online approach described under Durham.)

  • 1741-1744, Wills/Bonds (FHL 1786394, item 2)
    Further probates for this court might be found in the microfilms labeled as "General Peculiars," which see under York.

Miscellaneous Section

(See Durham for further details.)

  1. Robinson's Collection (FHL film 574951)
    This film includes J.C. Hodgson's index to wills from Northumberland from the late 18th century-early 19th century. Robinson also indexed Raine's Collection.
  2. Raine's Collection (FHL/BYU 98554)
    This collection contains copies of wills and administrations filed at York that pertain to Northumberland. Volume 2, 1593-1602, is for Hexhamshire. Volume 3 is incorrectly labeled "Hexhamshire," but volumes 4-12 include entries for Hexhamshire from about 1687 to 1801. Volumes 6-12 are also on FHL films 252670-252672. See also item 2 of film 252674.
  3. Howe's Collection (FHL film 90796) 6 volumes
    This collection includes entries from Northumberland. Each volume is separately indexed.
  4. 16th-19th Centuries, Card Index to wills (FHL film 207622)
    This card index is located at the Newcastle City Archives.
  5. The Surtees Society published abstracts from wills of the northern counties, including Northumberland, from the medieval period to about 1580 in volumes 1, 116 and 121 that are now online. Start with Medieval Genealogy.
  6. Commonwealth Wills, 1649-1660 (FHL film 1564756, item 7)
    This collection includes wills for Northumberland and was collected in 1909.