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Other British Resources at BYU

BYU has many projects, both completed and ongoing, that would be beneficial in British research.  Below are the names and links to each project.

  • Immigrant Ancestors Project. The IAP is a large database of European immigration and emigration records with over 800,000 names.  The project is currently focusing on immigrants from France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  Other nations will be added soon.  Because arrival records do not give much information regarding an immigrant's birth, the goal of this project is to collect various types of European immigration records to provide more important biographical information.
  • Welsh Mormon History. The Welsh Mormon Immigrant History Project seeks to find and share information about Welsh converts to Mormonism who immigrated to the United States in the 19th century.  Each immigrant is researched and their records (census, migration, vital) are put on the site.  The database currently has over 5,100 Welsh immigrants.  
  • Bertram Merrell's Index of English Marriages, 1750-1836.  Bertram Merrell's Index contains marriage records (parish registers, bishops' transcripts, licenses, allegations, and bonds) from the Chester Diocese from 1750 to 1836.  This project is completed and has over 78,000 records.
  • Nauvoo Community Project.  The Nauvoo Project seeks to find and document (from birth to death) all residents of Nauvoo, Illinois from 1839 to 1846.  Each resident is researched and their records (census, migration, vital, and residences) are put on the site.  The database currently has over 21,000 names.
  • Kinship and Poverty Project.  This is an ongoing project that seeks to gather information on recipients of poor relief and their kinship connections in England.  The database deals with poor law records and relief recipients from 1600 to 1834 and can be searched by person, years, or place.